Insight into new management?

would love to know more about the new management, affiliations and possible parent companies who purchased the site from original owner.

would it be likely that we could in the future see a meet the team as well as an update on who the parent companies financing it are linked with for both the ability to allow advertisement or privacy concerns for user data going forward.

Technical Support Guide Writer.


  • Hi Technical Support Guide Writer,

    No secrets here, my name is Pierre Aube, and you can find my details on my LinkedIn here

    CHASMS.COM LLC does not have any parent companies or affiliations. I purchased this site when I saw that it was going to be retired. I remember when I first started my career a long time ago in tech support, and I used Chasms. Who knew that 25 years later, the site would still be operating? When I saw it was going to be retired, I figured it was a great opportunity to try and keep it alive as I knew many people who used the site. Who knew, however, that it was so busy and so global? The site generates over 1M pageviews per month and hundreds of thousands of users from around the globe.

    If you want to chat and send me an email, you can do so at paubejr at

    I'm currently looking at how I can add and increase to continue to help. If anyone wants to help out or has ideas, then let me know. I know the site needs a lot of updates.

    In my other life, I'm a COO at an ISP.

    Have a great one!

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