Maybe some new catagories?

I love your site, Chasms! :) I have used your site for years in telephone tech support. Having a step by step guide is invaluable on the phone to help people.

The forum is a good addition, maybe there should be a few other categories though.
May I suggest "Smart Phones", "Requests" (for if you are requesting certain screenshots or if others are asking for certain OS screenshots to be added)



  • Thanks for the suggestion... I've created those categories.. !

  • Not sure if anyone will respond, but I was thinking of adding a wiki as well. Where we can share "fixes" etc that are common or even uncommon.

  • Is it possible to get some BIOS screenshots? It would be great to be able to walk people through BIOS options. We could start with just the latest BIOS/UEFI for the box brands, like HP, Dell, etc, Then big name MB manufacturers like ASUS, ASROCK, MSI, etc.

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